A bootleg I got on amazon for pretty cheap. I took a chance and honestly? I don't regret the purchase at all. Depsite being a bootleg, he's in pretty good condition and the main ways you can tell he's not an official nendo is by the color of his eyes and how glossy he is, neither of which bother me at all. He came with a good amount of parts so I have very few complaints.

Nendoroid N Harmonia + Reshiram

My first Nendo! I love him so much! He comes with a Reshiram figure, and the usual extra parts. I plan on taking pictures of him with diffent parts eventually.

Chibi Lan Fan

my first anime merch is this little chibi figure of my favorite Fullmetal Alchemist character, Lan Fan! It's small and not all that exciting but I adore it.

Wind Waker Playset

This just came in the mail today (2/17/23)! It's what gave me the idea of making a little shelf page to show off my collection. It's a modular toyset that can connect to other toysets in the same series. I opted to buy this specific one because it had the King of Red Lions and Link.

Plush Gudetama

A plush Gudetama that came in the mail a few days ago. He's very soft and has little butt cheeks. Very cute!

Plush Slime

A slime plush from my favorite video game series, Dragon Quest. The series' text-boxes are what inspired my main site theme. This came with a second slime, a she-slime (orange), which I gave to my mom to put in one of our vehicles. I only really wanted the regular slime haha.