Only Wonder
Player Name: Ansehelm Wall
Level: 20
Class: Cleric

Hello, Hello! Welcome to my little corner of the internet! You can call me Ansehelm or Nico

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> Update most pages to match new theme! We're gonna be
c o h e s i v e BABY

> Add a VKei shrine (or specifically a SID shrine and a ZOMBIE shrine!)

> Add a Dragon Quest Shrine

> Add a Deltora Quest Shrine

3/19/23 - Updated a few things, added 2 new shrines (Kouha self-shipping + Collectibles), Added a count down to my top surgery + A chatbox!

3/14/23 / 3/15/23 - Utilized Iframes to rework the site!!!

3/12/23 / 3/13/23 - Added an art shrine, updated shrine list, updated sitemap, gave up on the idea of using javascript (can never get it to work lmao)

3/10/23 - Added a buttons page & a marquee of cool buttons I've found to the home page. Updated the home page layout too!

3/5/23 - Added a webmaster page and updated links!

3/4/23 - Added a shrine for my favorite band, ZOMBIE

2/12/23 - Added new reccomendation pages!!

1/29/23 - Redid and started over on my journal. It matches the homepage this time! The first entry is really long lol.

1/28/23 - Major overhaul for the index page! Switched from a Nico Nanbaka theme to a Dragon Quest inspired theme :)


Various links to various webmastery things

Codepen - A code editor with a live preview.

123 Guestbook - A free guestbook.

CBox - A free chatbox service.

Status Cafe - A free status service.

Hekate Button maker - Make 88x31 Buttons.

ACASYstems Badge Maker - Make 80x15 Badges.

Web Button Generator - Make 88x15 Badges.